Cross Door

608L Cross Door Refrigerator RC-73WC

912W x 725D x 1785H (mm)

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Hisense RC-73WC Refridgerator - Premium Flat Door Feature

Premium Flat Door

Modern design with attention to details
Hisense RC-73WC Refridgerator - Triple Zone Feature

Triple Zone

One fridge, three compartments
Hisense RC-73WC Refridgerator - Counter Depth Design Feature
Counter Depth Design
Hisense RC-73WC Refridgerator - Inverter Technology Feature
Inverter Technology
Hisense RC-73WC Refridgerator - Easy-glide Drawers
Easy-glide Drawers
Hisense RC-73WC Refridgerator - My Fresh Choice Feature
My Fresh Choice
Hisense RC-73WC Refridgerator - Triple Zone Icon

Triple Zone

One fridge, three compartments

This fridge-freezer is fully adaptable to your needs. It has three different compartments with flexible temperatures - fridge, freezer, and My Fresh Choice section, each with their own controls. You can set the fridge and the freezer to whatever temperature suits you most.
Hisense RC-73WC Refridgerator - Big Capacity Icon

Big Capacity

Store and see more

It has a big capacity, so there’s plenty of space in the fridge and freezer to store any shape or type of food. It also has four doors that open out wide, so you can see everything at a glance.
Hisense RC-73WC Refridgerator - Metal Glide Drawers Icon

Metal Glide Drawers

Easy access to your frozen goods

All frozen items, even the largest ones, can now be reached easier and quicker, thanks to the durable metal easy-glide runners. Transparent design of the drawer, which can hold up to 27 kg, offers clear overview of the content.
Hisense RC-73WC Refridgerator - Metal Cooling Icon

Metal Cooling

Cool air in everycorner

The rear wall of the fridge is overlaid with stainless steel, which ensures the cool air is distributed evenly from the inside out. This combination of advanced technologies ensures ideal temperature and humidity levels at all times.
Hisense RC-73WC Refridgerator - Flexible Storage Icon

Cantilever Shelves / Height-adjustable Shelves

Flexible storage

Enjoy flexibility with the fully adjustable shelves. If you want more space between the shelves, simply take one out and place it on a different shelf-holder. That way you can tailor the inside of the fridge specially to your needs. This way all the large bottles, mason jars ortall cakes will fit perfectly inside the fridge.
Hisense RC-73WC Refridgerator - Water Dispenser

No-plumbed Water Dispenser

Fresh, cool water never looked so good

The non-plumbed water dispenser is seamlessly integrated into the flat door of the refrigerator. Just pour fresh water into the water reservoir and enjoy perfectly chilled water, any time.
Hisense RC-73WC Refridgerator - Inverter Technology Icon

Inverter Technology

For energy savings and a longer lasting appliance

Modern inverter compressors measure the conditions inside your fridge and adjust the cooling output accordingly, to ensure a stable temperature, save energy and run quieter, while also extending your appliance’s lifespan.
Hisense RC-73WC Refridgerator - Precise Temp Control Icon

Precise Temp Control

Maximum energy efficiency

Five highly-effective Digital Temp Sensors are built into the refrigerator (as shown in blue spot), which are engineered to optimally adjust the cooling level of the fridge.
Hisense RC-73WC Refridgerator - Metal Recessed Handle Icon

Metal Recessed Handle

Luxurious details

A modern design with a recessed handle fits perfectly with any existing kitchen design.
Hisense RC-73WC Refridgerator - Big Door Balcony Icon

Big Door Balcony

Easy to store bigger & taller Items

A Big Door Balcony lets you safety store bigger & taller items inside the door. It can handle bulky cartons of milk and juice and two rows of drink cans and bottles. Totally six door balconies in the fridge provides huge spaces.
Hisense RC-73WC Refridgerator - Bigger Drawers Icon

Bigger Drawers

Bigger space for frozen food

Hisense's all-new refrigerator has 2 huge space drawers which have a height of 220mm. That is good for placing larger items such as turkey and meatjoints.
Hisense RC-73WC Refridgerator - Super Cool Icon

Super Cool & Super Freezer

Fast cooling and freezing on demand

In order to rapidly cool down the weekly shopping the Super Cool function quickly drops the internal fridge temperature to a +2℃ for 6 hours. This is a great way to help keep the flavor, color and nutritional value of fresh food. Super Freeze rapidly lowers the temperature and freezes your food much faster than usual. This function retains the foods natural taste, original texture, as well as all the good vitamins and minerals.
Hisense RC-73WC Refridgerator - Door Alarm Icon

Door Alarm

Kindly remind you when the door leave opens long

This appliance has a door alarm function to alert you when the temperature in your fridge or freezer rises too high as you accidently left the door opened, it can remind you to close the door in time for stopping cool air escaping.


Available Colors:
Premium Inox Looking / Premium Black
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Net Dimension
912 x 725 x 1785 (mm)
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