French Door

485L French Door Refigerator RM-63WC

704W x 694D x 2000H (mm)

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Hisense RM-63WC Refrigerator - Premium Flat Door Design Feature

Premium Flat Door Design

Designed with attention to details
Hisense RM-63WC Refrigerator - Big Capacity Feature

Big Capacity

Big capacity for more storage space
Hisense RM-63WC Refrigerator - Metal Cooling Feature
Metal Cooling
Hisense RM-63WC Refrigerator - Metal Glide Drawer Feature
Metal Glide Drawer
Hisense RM-63WC Refrigerator - Inverter Technology Feature
Inverter Technology
Hisense RM-63WC Refrigerator - Slim Water Dispenser Feature
Slim Water Dispenser
Hisense RM-63WC Refrigerator - Metal Glide Drawers Icon

Metal Glide Drawers

Easy access to your frozen goods

All frozen items, even the largest ones, can now be reached easier and quicker, thanks to the durable metal easy-glide runners. Transparent design of the drawer, which can hold up to 27 kg, offers clear overview of the content.

  • Even to access frozen foods
  • Durable materials can support heavy storage
  • Premium design and feel
Hisense RM-63WC Refrigerator - Micro Vents Technology Icon

Micro Vents Technology

Same temperature on every shelf

This smart cooling technology maintains even temperature throughout entire fridge. Small vents on the back column and its sides keep a stable environment inside the compartment, so you can simply place your groceries on whatever shelf you’d like. However, drawers for meat and fresh produce have specially dedicated temperature to keep them fresh for longer.

  • Even cooling throughout the fridge
  • Locks in nutrients in food faster
  • Keeps food fresh longer
Hisense RM-63WC Refrigerator - Moisture-Fresh Crisper Icon

Moisture-Fresh Crisper

Keep your produce fresh with just the right humidity

Fruit and vegetable box has a moisture adjustable system, which you regulate manually to meet different food’s storage requirements in order to keep it fresh for longer time.

  • Prolonged freshness
  • Preservation of nutritional properties
  • Freshly hydrated food
Hisense RM-63WC Refrigerator - Sleek Water Dispenser Icon

Sleek Water Dispenser

Always refreshed

A sleek water dispenser that seamlessly integrated to the flat door of the refrigerator. Just pour fresh water in the water tank and enjoy it perfectly chilled, anytime.

  • Constantly freshly chilled water
  • Cool, sleek design
  • Easy and quick function


Temperature Control:
Available Colors:
Premium Inox Looking / Premium Black
Climate Type:
SN-T (E Class)
SN-ST (F Class)
Net Dimension
704 x 694 x 2000 (mm)
Net Weight:
95 kg
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