336L Bottom-mounted Refrigerator RD-43WC

595W x 575D x 2004H (mm)

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Hisense RM-43WC Refrigerator - No Frost Feature

Total No Frost

No frost, anywhere – ever!
Hisense RM-43WC Refrigerator - Soft LED Lighting Feature

Soft LED Lighting

Wherever you look, it looks good
Hisense RM-43WC Refrigerator - Water Filter Feature
Water Filter
Hisense RM-43WC Refrigerator - Tempered Glass Shelves Feature
Tempered Glass Shelves
Hisense RM-43WC Refrigerator - Micro Vents Cooling Icon

Micro Vents Cooling

Multiple shelves, one temperature

The smart cooling technology maintains even temperature throughout entire fridge. Small vents on the back column and its sides ensure a stable environment inside the compartment, so you can place your groceries on whatever shelf you'd like.

  • Even cooling throughout the fridge
  • Locks in nutrients in food faster
  • Keeps food fresh longer
Hisense RM-43WC Refrigerator - Fresh Box Icon

Fresh Box

The ideal home for meat and fish

Chilled Room is the special upper drawer of the fridge, with a temperature just barely above freezing, and at an ideal humidity level. This preserves the nutritional value of fish and meats, keeping them fresh twice as long.

  • Perfect for meat and fish
  • Longer lasting freshness
  • Preserves nutritional value
Hisense RM-43WC Refrigerator - Moisture Fresh Crisper Icon

Moisture Fresh Crisper

Perfect humidity, longer freshness

A dedicated fruit and vegetable drawer with an adjustable moisture system, which you can manually regulate to meet the storage requirements of different foods, in order to keep them fresh longer.

  • Perfect for meat and fish
  • Longer lasting freshness
  • Preserves nutritional value
Hisense RM-43WC Refrigerator - Super Freeze Icon

Super Freeze

Get the most out of your food

Super Freeze rapidly lowers the freezer temperature freezing your food much faster than usual. This preserves the food's cellular integrity, retaining its natural taste, texture, and vitamins and minerals better than conventional freezing.

  • Prevents thawing
  • Preserves cellular integrity and freshness
  • Retains texture of frozen foods
Hisense RM-43WC Refrigerator - Precise Electronic Control Icon

Precise Electronic Control

Take complete control

The user-friendly digital control panel enables you to easily change the temperature inside the fridge or freezer and activate special functions such as the ECO or Holiday modes for saving energy, with just the touch of a button.

  • Incredibly precise temperature control
  • Extremely user friendly and intuitive design
  • Advanced options such as ECO, Holiday & Super Freeze
Hisense RM-43WC Refrigerator - Reversible Door Icon

Reversible Door

Have it your way

The fridge and freezer door can be installed to open from either side by changing the door hinge, depending on your individual kitchen needs.

  • Adaptable to your needs
  • Fits any kitchen design
Hisense RM-43WC Refrigerator - Low Noise Icon

Low Noise

Enjoy a quieter home

With a state-of-the-art fan and built-in compressor system, these refrigerators promise a more stable performance at a lower noise level of about 38 dB, leaving you with a peaceful living space.

  • Decreased ambient noise
Hisense RM-43WC Refrigerator - Easy to use Drawer Icon

Easy-to-use Drawer

Never a struggle

The unique drawer clasp design makes removing and handling the freezer drawers easier than ever.

  • Easy drawer removal
  • Convenient design
Hisense RM-43WC Refrigerator - Easy Open Drawer Icon

Easy Open Drawer

Easy access to your frozen goods

Allows you to easy reach and store all your refrigerated and frozen goods thanks to its easy-to-open mechanism.

  • Easy to access
  • Large opening
  • Improved Organization

Now, here’s the technical bit...

Net Capacity:
336L (238L / 98L)
Net Dimensions
595 x 590 x 2004 (mm)
Loading Capacity
Key Features:

E/F Energy saving
Counter depth
Low noise
Micro vents cooling
Fresh Box
Soft LED lighting

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